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Esberisin® is a traditional herbal medicinal product used to relieve nasal congestion and sinusitis based on traditional use only.

Esberisin® contains a herbal combination of five powdered herbs
Yellow Gentian, Primula, Sorrel, Elder and Vervain.

Esberisin® - in a nutshell:
  • one tablet 3 times daily
  • to relieve sinusitis and nasal congestion
  • herbal combination new to the UK
  • available without prescription

Always read the leaflet.

What is sinusitis?

Sinusitis is often the consequence of a cold and can be accompanied by fever. The inflammation often begins in the nose. Since the nose is connected with the sinuses through narrow passages, the infection spreads easily to the adjacent cavities.

The nasal cavities are air-filled gaps in the skull bone. Like the nose, they are lined with a mucous membrane. We speak about sinusitis when the mucous membrane is inflamed.

A typical symptom of sinusitis is a headache, especially around the forehead and below the eyes. This often leads to a marked feeling of pressure that increases when bending down. The nose feels clogged and the sense of smell is impaired.


Esberisin® is a traditional herbal medicinal product containing gentian root, verbena herb, sorrel herb, elder flower and primula flower with calyx.

Yellow Gentian

  • root of Gentiana lutea L.
  • Gentiana lutea

Primula (cowslip)

  • flowers containing calyxes of Primula veris
  • Primrose (cowslip)


  • the whole aerial plant of Rumex acetosa
  • Sorrel (sheep sorrel, sour dock herbs)


  • flowers of Sambucus nigra
  • Elder (European elder)

Verbena (vervain)

  • aerial parts of the plant Verbena officinalis
  • Verbena (vervain)

How to take Esberisin®

Recommended dose: Adults and adolescents from 12 years of age: take 1 tablet 3 times daily.

Swallow tablets whole with a glass of water.

The usual treatment time is seven days. If your symptoms worsen or persist for more than seven days while you are taking Esberisin®, see your doctor.

Warning & Precautions

If your symptoms last for more than seven days, or get worse, or if your symptoms come back again, you must see your doctor.

Like all medicines, Esberisin® can cause side effects, although not everybody gets them.

Allergic reactions
Severe allergic reactions: may occur rarely (affect less than 1 in 1000 people, but more than 1 in 10,000 people). Symptoms may be: skin rashes, itching and reddening hives, swelling of the skin due to fluid, shortness of breath and swelling of the face.

Esberisin® is generally well tolerated, but don't take Esberisin® if you are:

  • allergic to gentian, verbena, sorrel, elder, primula or any primula species
  • allergic to any of the other ingredients *
  • under 12 years of age
  • pregnant or breast-feeding

* Tell your doctor before you take this product if you have an intolerance to some sugars.